Frequently Asked

Why Chez Schneider?

When travelling, we are very demanding. And we like to stay like our guests. Of course with the best of all: The autonomy of an apartment, without hidden costs, but with added value like bicycles and individual recommendations (and no travel guide “secret tips”). Functional, chic and modern. Authentic atmosphere, without the need for kitsch. Near to the first district / old town (by foot!) and nestled into a vibrant neighbourhood with top infrastructure, plus a pinch of hipness. Design yes, but not in a foolish way. Chic, but no chichi.

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How can I contact Chez Schneider?

“Chez Schneider”
Leopoldsgasse 9/1
1020 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 664 1109142

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When can I check in and out?

Please state the approximate check-in time in the booking form, and we will take care of a pleasant check-in. Check-out is principally at 12:00 a.m., but luggage can be stored with us for the rest of the day.

How many persons can stay in one apartment?

There are 4 quality mattresses in each of the apartments, each with a double bed and one sofa collection (constituting two single beds). As Leopold and Josefine fit together well, the combined apartments have a maximum occupancy of 8 persons. In case of very small persons (babies, infants…) also more. And we have a baby bed available.

I travel with kids, what do I need to pay attention to?

To yourself and the kids! Other than that, we will take care of (nearly) everything else. Buggy, baby bed and highchair will be provided by us free of charge, in order to avoid unnecessary excess baggage for our guests. In the Augarten, approximately 150 meters away, there are several playgrounds, some wild wood patches to play and romp around and (in summer) a public open air pool for children in the middle of the park. The traffic-free Carmelite Market is exciting for kids, and in whole Vienna there are many special offers for families.

I want to bring my dog, is that okay?

Vienna is a very dog-friendly city. And: The Viennese love dogs. Chez Schneider is only a stick’s throw away from the Augarten , which is a very popular place with Viennese dogs and which has several dedicated dog areas. Also, Prater and Danube are close and attractive destinations for our four (and two) legged guests. Note that sometimes dogs are required to wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash. Please contact us in any event in advance via the comments section in our booking form. We will then discuss possibilities. The same is true for other pets.

May I smoke in the apartments?

The apartments are non-smoking – but the apartment “Josefine” has a loggia on which you may smoke.

What is the Augarten?

The Augarten is Vienna’s oldest baroque garden, a historic park from the 17th century, which was opened to the public by the Enlightenment-emperor Joseph II. “A place for amusement, dedicated to all humans by their appreciator” are the words on the main entrance, which is 142.8 meters beeline away from “Chez Schneider”. Since then, the people never gave the Augarten back, but until today have continued to amuse themselves in it. This is also true for the guests of “Chez Schneider”, which can use the comprehensive culinary, cultural and sporting offers (e.g. perfect for running).

Vienna & the Leopoldstadt

Where is Chez Schneider located?

“Chez Schneider” is located in the Leopoldstadt in Vienna, close to the first district / old town, in the middle of the Carmelite Quarter.

What is the Carmelite Market?

Center of the Viennese slow food movement between Augarten and first disctrict, therefore directly in front of the doorsteps of Chez Schneider. A farmer’s market takes place every Saturday at the Carmelite Market with great, mostly organic, products (and also during the week with a fine and fresh offer of food). Several excellent bistros, restaurants and cafés, some with sunny gardens. Also around the Carmelite Market, the scene is remarkable. In order to help you find your ways around and because we like the area so much, we have compiled a booklet exclusively for our guests with our personal favorites in the “Grätzl”.

Vienna & the Leopoldstadt

What is a “Grätzl”?

The smallest urban entity in Vienna, ie a living area or, more intellectually: A felt socio-spatial, everyday life category. The identity of a “Grätzl” is said to be determined by comparison to other neighboring areas or its own lifestyle. Thus: Neighborhood and lifestyle.

What is the “Mazzes-Island”?

For centuries, here was one of the most important centers of Jewish life, thus the name “mazzes-island” which was coined in monarchistic times and which is still used today. Despite its changeful and tragic history, the quarter today is very vivid and home to many different cultures, including an active Jewish community.

Vienna & the Leopoldstadt

Can I book Chez Schneider for photo or movie shootings or similar?

Yes, of course, Chez Schneider is not camera-shy and very communicative. We would be delighted, please contact us with all details at:


Costs? Are special arrangements possible?

For weekend bookings (minimum two nights): From 140 Euro per night per apartment (including all taxes). During the week from 120 Euro per night per apartment, depending on the season. The detailed costs will of course be communicated before a binding booking is placed. For medium- or long-term arrangements (longer than one week) and/or a combined booking of both apartments we will be happy to make a special offer.

The Apartments

Are there additional costs for me?

No additional costs. But additional value, yes, in any case (bikes, complimentary coffee, organic cosmetics, baby utensils, exclusive booklet with recommendations etc). And we charge EUR 40 for the (very thorough!) cleaning.

Where can I book?

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